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How to calculate my final exam mark and Essay Scores?

Hey, I'm crap at maths and I was looking for a hand at helping me know what I've gotten for my overall mark in my course. My final course mark is based on 60% for essays whilst 40% is from the mark in the exam. I've done 5 essays this year, what would this get me out of the 60% towards my final mark? The marks I got for the essays were: 51, 58, 58, 63, 70 & 61 And on top of that, assuming I get about 50 or so in the final exam worth 40% (I haven't taken it yet), what do I do to add the two scores together? Sorry if that's unclear at all

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  1. resting says:

    First, you want to figure out how many essays you actually did. You say 5, but you give 6 grades. I’m going to assume that you actually did 5 essays and only received a 58 once. It should be clear enough from what I’m doing that if I am mistaken, you can do the correct calculations yourself.Next, you want to find out your average essay mark. That’s simple: you add up the 5 numbers and, because there are 5 numbers, divide by 5:(51 + 58 + 63 + 70 + 61)/5= 303/5= 60.6Now you have 2 scores, 60.6 and 50, and 2 weights, which are 60% and 40% relatively. You’re going to divide those weights by 100, so that they turn out to be 0.6 and 0.4. (Yes, there’s a reason for it, but I’m a little too fried right now to express it clearly. My apologies.) Then you multiply each of the scores by the new weight, the weight as a percentage divided by 100, and you add the results together. So it’s(60.6 * 0.6) + (50 * 0.4)= 36.36 + 20= 56.36So, assuming that you did 5 essays and earned marks of 51, 58, 63, 70, and 61 for them, and that your mark on the final exam will be 50, and given that the essays have a weight of 60% or 0.6 and that the final exam has a weight of 40% or 0.4, your overall mark will be 56.36.If either of my assumptions turns out to be wrong, you should be able to plug the right number(s) into the right place(s) and figure out what your overall mark will really be.