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I don’t want to exist lazy?

Ok so im 16 gonna be 17 soon. im in 11th grade. lately i just hate school, i hate it that i just dont want go at all, im just feeling like there isnt a point. my parents are divorcing, so they fight 24/7 and my relationship with my dad is corrupt. all i want to do is be asleep and hear music. i hate one of my teachers. she drives my head crazy when i hear her talk i just want to stand up and scream in her face, Shut the **** up. she treats her favorite kids better than others, i used to be in honors English, the only reason i didn't get in was because i was dealing with other problems and i didn't turn in an essay which gave me my ticket in. im becoming so lazy that i just don't want to exist. its becoming more complicated i just don't learn like before. its taking me longer to understand rather than before. this started when i was dumped last year, but i got better and now its came back with my dad, disappointing me drastically. am i really just lazy?

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  1. lecandro says:

    This reminds me me of me. When I was in high school I was so tired of it I started asking myself the same question still do at times. Once i was in my senior year I was so glad to be out of it didn’t have to deal with school. I had many problems at home specially with my dad still do. Most of my time all I wanted to do was just not be here anymore mostly because I didn’t want to deal with all of that anymore. I did nothing most of the time. I really also messed up my grades towards my senior year. The person at the top is right about education being your ticket out because I thought about it and in the end if I don’t want to deal with my dad anymore the only way was to go to school doing something with my life. I don’t plan on living with my parents forever specially having to hear all these arguments all the time i can only take so much. Don’t let it get to you to the point where you’ll end up like me I gave up completely but now I’ve had to pick myself back up and it’s not easy. I’ve gotten called lazy so many times but the truth is i was just tired, tired of of the people around me. Just know that you are like that because of your surroundings do something go to college and get out and it’ll be better once you surround yourself with other people. May not be much but hope it helped somewhat. =D

  2. zanzas says:

    I sympathise with your situation. You know what? Your education is the only ticket to a way out. Go for it. No matter what goes on around you, hang onto it as strongly as you can, and you will be thankful you did. Let your parents fight – they want to. Let your teachers have favourites – most have. You get your grades up, and you will be popular. People dump other people, but you are only dumped if you stay there. You have a chance in life right now. Take it. Good luck.

  3. metropathia says:

    no bordering on depression – My parents were going through a divorce when I was about fourteen – I didnt think it was a bad idea as they never got on and were fighting all the time anyway but I got really depressed and was just like you describe – It was weird as if I wanted to fail and I got very lazy too – I actually made quite a mess of things so I hope that you dont – I remember for me it was almost like punishing myself as if that would help!Try seeing a school counsellor they can be more helpful than you’d think – Just some outside thinking on the problem is useful – Other people rarely understand how divorce also affects the children whatever age they are.Try getting to see someone you seem very overlooked here. YOur docrtor might prescribe some antidepressants just to see you though this bad spot