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Im writing an essay on the legalization of drugs in america?

ok so i have to write an essay for english titled why i believe in blank and i have to fill in the blank so i chose the legalization of all drugs in america which i know will never happen and i know ppl are against it but i wanted a controversial issue so this is what i chose and im doing some research and thought id come here for a little help. my body paragraph topics are financial benefits, promotes better health, itll decrease the population, and decrease crime rate. im looking around online right now for facts about drugs in america and legalizing them ALL in america and was wondering if you guys had anything you could give me fact wise or quote wise, remember, everything in my essay is FOR the legalization of drugs and i already know most of the negative impacts but im concentrating on the pro here so please dont post crap about how im horrible or ppl will be hurt and stuff coz i already know. i want things like what percent of america does drugs, what percent is addicted, what percent die from impure drugs, what percent overdose, what percent are sterile stuff like that and i would appreciate any help and if you have extra facts just throw em in there thanks.

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