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Is the library open today?

i have an essay to type out and sadly i don't have a printer Bottom Line: is the library open today?

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  1. barberj says:

    Mine is open until 6pm.

  2. Agrania says:

    How to bloody hell should i know.

  3. noteworthily says:

    Some are and some are not, only way to find out is call it.

  4. qu'elle says:

    Our local one is in England.The only day it isn’t open is Sunday and Bank Holidays

  5. phulkari says:

    Well if it is Monday where you are then I would imagine the library will be open

  6. coquet says:

    It depends on where you live.

  7. stigmarioid says:

    idk go check!

  8. becrowding says:

    Noall goverment offices are closeddue to Martin L. king dayit also depends on where you live

  9. overtrain says:


  10. jugdish says:

    Which oneNew yorkLondon