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Need some basic laptop information?

Bassically, I have a desktop computer, it is dell, ok, but quite slow. I have had it for 3 years, and it has served its purpose. However, it is starting to become noisy and I want an upgrade. Instead of getting a desktop I would like to purchase a laptop.The thing is, I don't really have a clue! I know they are expensive that's it. I want one that is vista, has okay memory and all the general stuff you get. And look nice and good make etc. And good price, thats obv a main point to it. So I would like to know what I should look out for, what makes are good/bad, and if anyone recommends a good value laptop.thanks, also general info appreciated, sorry for the essay!

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  1. slumproof says:

    You have a lot of options. If you go will Dell or Gateway, or go to Bestbuy, you pay a lot extra for extended warranties. If you’re pretty good about not needing extra customer service i.e. you’re careful with your computer and infrequently have to deal with viruses, you can skip the extended warranties. I recently bought an ASUS N50 from Newegg and it outperforms my gaming desktop which is about 3 years old. I knew I wanted an ASUS going in because I have been using ATI and AMD parts for the last several years. I went to Newegg because of their excellent customer service (and super fast standard shipping!). I look for the specs I want and when I have a list I sort by rating, read the reviews, google the results and make a decision. I ended up with a powerful laptop for $900 and got exactly what I wanted within my budget. If you research what you want you will be much happier than if someone tells you what they think the best computer for you is. Is my computer the best? Of course not, but it’s exactly what I was looking for.

  2. cooking says:

    1-Memory only boosts speed to a certain extent. If your hard drive has a slower rotation speed, then it takes longer for it to read the data necessary to operate programs and even the computer in general. 64-bit Architecture also helps, but can be a pain. 3 GB’s of RAM would be plenty.2-HP is probably your best bet as far as make/style/quality goes. I use an HP laptop and have had no problems whatsoever.3-The price to quality ratio is hard to balance, but this laptop might just what you need: HP G60t for $570 including tax and shipping.If you buy it now, HP currently gives a free upgrade from 1GB of memory to 3GBs.Just make the following changes when you customize it and I promise you won’t regret it:Operating System : Upgrade to Vista Home Premium 32-BIT (don’t forget the 32-BIT part)Memory: Take the free upgrade to 3GBs.Hard Drive: Take the free upgrade to 250GBsWebcam: Upgrade to webcam and microphone (optional, and takes $25.00 off the cost if you chose not to get it)4-I reccomend getting a good, solid, thick bag to put it in ASAP. Something from Targus or Samsonite or even HP would be preferable.

  3. thrums says:

    toshiba satellite L305D-S59222 is pretty good its not da best looking laptop but its pretty good try dis website for its info [external link] …