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What are good topics for a TaeKwonDo Essay?

There is this one TaeKwonDo essay contestAnd I get to write an essay based off of any topic in TaeKwonDoI am stuck as what to write aboutBut would writing about how I thought of my dojang as my second home be good? or how taekwondo has transformed?Please contribute your own topics

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  1. cocco says:

    You could write an essay on the pros and cons of the sine wave theory. In my opinion there are more cons than there are pros, but the whole point of an essay is to explore a particular subject or issue. It doesn’t have to accurately based on others opinions, just your own with detail and in moderate length.

  2. sj says:

    You could go with a controversial topic. for instance you could research some of the comments I made in another question I just answered about who the youngest 4th dan is. You may be shocked by what you find out about the martial arts and the Korean martial arts influence in the U.S.A., and other western countries………

  3. octodont says:

    How taekwondo has influenced you as a person?How taekwondo has changed you for the better?Sorry but this is all I got. Your topics are good though.