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What is a good topic to write for a satire essay?

i've never written a satirical essay before.... but you could do war and patriotism. its controversial but its a good one.You could be pro-war and have such extreme and nonsensical views (written sincerely and NOT sarcastically of course) that it just becomes ironic. the idea that patriotism could lead to nationalism... or something like that. satirize the fact people are willing to support a war that hasn't been proven absolutely necessary if thats what the media and government says we should do.or you could do something a bit more funny, and less serious like "how Macdonald's has contributed positively to society". i don't know, its just an idea. good luck finding a topic :)

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    From the information below – it sounds like an easy essay would be on a comic strip from the newspaper – or a comic book. Real life is really exaggerated in this form of writing.Satire -”Satire points out the difference between actual practice and an approved standard of behaviour”What is satire? Satire arouses laughter or contempt as a means of ridicule and derision, with the avowed intention of correcting human faults. Common targets of satire include individuals, types of people, social groups, institutions, and human nature. Like tragedy and comedy, satire is often a mode of writing introduced into various literary forms; it is only a genre when it is the governing principle of a work. It can also be defined as “satire points out the difference between actual practice and an approved standard of living”. An example of a popular satirical piece would be Barry Levinson’s motion picture “Wag the dog”, which uses an exceptional combination of sarcasm, humour and cynicism to satire America’s politics, the Presidential election & conspiracy and the ignorance of the public when it comes to distinguishing fact from fictions that has been over exaggerated by the media and America’s undercover agencies such as the CIA. Other examples of satire can be perceived in Somerville’s rare stamp collection, Matt Groening’s “The Simpson’s” pamphlet on “Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant” and

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    characters around you in home or in work place !