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What things make up a good worker? I need to write a 200 word essay by tomorrow.?

i am in a town clean-up group and we need to write essay's before we get our checks. im not sure what three things im gonna write about. i already have time management and motivation. please help.

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  1. unfastidiously says:

    I guess you also need concentration because you can’t just stop and do something else and not finish and courage because you need to do anything right on the spot.I don’t know if that makes any sense but i hope it helps.

  2. oriolus says:

    Respect your co-workers and make them laugh whenever possible.

  3. Artesian says:

    Anytime you write about what qualities make up a great worker, you should always include punctuality, reliability, and good ethics. Employers are thrilled to have employees with these qualities.Good luck with your essay. And, congratulations to you for being involved with a town clean-up-good job!

  4. technocratic says:

    Time management and motivation are good, others are punctuality dedication and team work.