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“Where the Red Fern Grows” essay questions?

I have a test coming up for chapters 14-18 so, does anyone know where I could find some essay questions or make them up. I'm fine with personal opinion questions as well.

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  1. niobate says:

    Well, there’s always good ol’ Sparknotes: [external link] … [study questions for whole book] [external link] … [review chapters 14-18] [external link] … [simple quiz questions]Or even better: [external link] … [scroll down] [external link] … [Study guide, go to pg 9] [external link] … [Scholastic discussion guide]By the way, for future reference, you might want to ask “Where to find Red Fern Grows essay questions?”. When I read “Where the Red Fern Grows” essay questions?”, I thought you wanted us to write an essay for you. I almost didn’t click on your question!