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AP Us history essay topic?

which one do you think would make the best topic for an essay containing documents supporting the topic?- how revolutionary was the American Revoltion- were the articales of confereration that bad?- was the constituion a counter-revolution?- were the anti-federalists right?- virginia's influence on the formation of a nation goverment

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  1. morgoth says:

    Do Virginia’s Influence…George Washington was President of the Convention.Madison was the Father of the Constitution. George Mason wrote the Bill of Rights for Virginia, which was the model for the federal Bill of Rights.The VA plan was very influential (see link)If you have some time before the exam, read Miracle at Philadelphia.

  2. resignful says:

    I would write on how revolutionary the American revolution was. you could easily tie the influences of the French Revolution on the American Revolution.

  3. quandary's says:

    talk about the enlightmnet for the american revolution because that help spark it.

  4. serologic says:

    I would write about were the articles of confederation that bad. You can juxtapose the good and the bad a lot easier than other topics you proposed. For instance, the proclamation of 1793, the treaty of Versailles and the movement to current government can be compared to shay’s rebellion, weak central government and lack of taxation. Overall, I feel this is the strongest essay topic, especially if given documents that support these claims.

  5. techie says:

    It would depend on your preference, and access to documents.All of your topics seem to be opinions only and the documentation I would think hard to locate for real truths are usually hidden, but I would choose the last.