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AP US History Exam Essays or DBQ questions leaked or predictions?

I'm so nervous for the test! Does anyone have any idea what the essays or DBQ will be? Any predictions would be appreciated!

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  1. hellenists says:

    I thought the apush exam was way easier than I was expecting. I studied for the gilded age DBQ, and it was on the test! The multiple choice was pretty straight forward; I only had to guess on a few problems! The FRQs were easy also! I’m soooooooooooo happy! I’m feeling a 4 or 5! Report Abuse

  2. cymoscope says:

    Your class should have gone over sample questions or ‘released items’ from prior tests. Those topics will not appear on the test again, however the format is generally the same.

  3. dragonfly says:

    My APUSH teacher has been teaching for over 20 years and he calls the essays on the test every year. The class average at my school was a 4.6 last year so everyone always does really well. He thinks the big time periods they are going to ask are either going to be the antebellum age or the big business/post civil war time period. Those are his predictions and he is always right so I would know those.

  4. unsunburned says:

    I felt that the essays were easy. The DBQ was predicted, we spent a lot of time on the first FRQ topic, and I wrote a research paper for English on the second one so I lucked out!. Some of the multiple choice were just plain wacky, but I’m feeling a 3 or 4 (But a 5 would be nice too… :D ) Report Abuse

  5. charmless says:

    My friend told me that there is this guy online that has been predicting what the general main focus of the APUSH exam will be and has been right and for 2012 it is going to be on the Guilded Age…which sucks because I was NOT paying attention when we were learning this! :O Report Abuse

  6. ankylosing says:

    Hey I’m taking the test this year too! :) My teacher has taught AP US for 10 years, and 2 years ago the DBQ was on the puritans. Last year it was on like the 70s or something. His guess is that the DBQ will now be in the “middle” of those two time periods, AKA somewhere from ratification of the constitution to start of WWI. He said he’d almost bet money it’s on the civil war or guilded age, and be sure to know your compromises! (Know Henry Clay!) Also I’ve heard Roger Williams is one of the AP writers favorite thing to ask you about. We’re both really stressed for May 11th, but if we just stay calm and read a few review books I think we will do well. I took AP Human Geography last year as a freshman and got a 4. I started studying a little earlier last year; this year AP chem consumed my study time. :3 I would buy an ap prep book or get one from your library. I have Kaplan (used it for geo), REA, and petersons and am reading all 3 to get different perspectives. I would ask former apush students at your school how they prepared. All the kids at my school love 5 steps to a 5 but our average is like a 2.7 so I’m probably gonna avoid that. :) Anyways try to take really good care of yourself over the next 2 weeks. The last thing we need is to get sick on may 11th and then have to take Form B, which is 10x harder! Get some rest and DO NOT take a practice test within 48 hours of the real thing. The night before the test, just briefly review for 30 minutes, no more. Sharpen your pencils and be sure to bring a pen for those essays. There is no guessing penalty and you do not have to get everything right to get a passing grade. I know we will both be fine. Effort and hard work will pay off. :) Good luck! The end of APUSH is near!