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Can you use the word ‘you’ in a persuasive essay?

I'm writing a persuasive essay and I'm wondering if I can use the word 'you'? I know you can't use the words I, my, me...etc because it makes the essay weaker but can you use 'you'?

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  1. Lollardism says:

    no you cant. I, me, my, you, your, they are all the same thing basically. my teacher flips **** when i use you or your in my persuasive essays so if i were you dont do it you will probably get points off:P

  2. interlining says:

    if its formal, u cant use any first or second person words. that goes for research essays as well

  3. herring says:

    If it’s supposed to be a formal essay, you can’t use any of those words. If it’s informal, you can use all of them if you like.