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Christians, have you seen this recent report?

[external link] …I'm interested that you see the chart on US debt spending, becauseI didn't realize either what this looks like but this histogram isvery helpful to see this.In this article many people are quoted who seem knowledgeable.There is a link by Gary North who discusses both Greece & Spain.Huffington Post is mentioned also in this.I put the last truly amazing part here in the hopes some will actually become more informed, and thus better able to knowhow to conduct their lives, how to proceed in our beliefs.....taken from this article:Not Convinced? If there was any doubt on anyone’s mind about what I am summarizing in this essay, know that that one of the most influential bankers from one of the most influential families in Europe has now bet against the recovery of the euro. Lord Jacob Rothschild, from the Rothschild banking mob has wagered $200 million against the European currency—the euro—and with it he is basically expressing his strong belief that the euro will collapse and so will the eurozone. Lord Rothschild is a member of the dynasty that has, at least in part, ruled the world through powerful banking institutions. It is the same family that has made a killing many times before. During every single major financial crisis they have consolidated power, and it looks like they intend to continue that family history. According to NBC, Lord Jacob, one of the elders of the Rothschild family "has taken the position against the euro through RIT Capital Partners, the 1.9 billion pound investment trust of which he is executive chairman."I was amazed at the extent of this article going into China, and other countries.It is my belief that as Christians, we can 'do' a lot, only in waysthat the world cannot agree or understand.<<>>

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  1. heliocentrical says:

    I know. It’s horrible. I’m doing all I can by helping and supporting all the Christian activists who are doing all they can to save America. I believe the rapture will come. What we have to go through before that happens, will test our faith more, but we will also see the glory of the Lord as we obey Christ and do what Jesus would do in any situation.

  2. tanzola says:

    Look, dude. All I see is Jesus’ return! With everything falling apart at the seams, Jesus has gotta come back before that nasty nuclear apocalypse begins>> This Guy <<

  3. empdb says:

    We are heading for a great collapse. That is the whole goal of those who control EVERYTHING. Look up and get ready – we’re going up!

  4. Viperoidea says:

    But wait, there’s more! Check this out, in real time.www.usdebt.org/And the mark will replace the Euro, “the Mark of the beast.”

  5. tupping says:

    Yeah, Lindsey said that his sources say to watch the Euro. When it falls you have 2 or 3 weeks then the dollar will tumble down to the Peso and the Amero will replace it. Any moneys you have in the bank or investments will be used to pay off the debt. Why? Because they’re not yours (the money) its all the Federal Reserves. They can call it back at any time – that’s why they call it The IRS (theirs).