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Controversial questions regarding Psychology for an essay?

I was thinking about doing it about ECT, or the idea of Mental hospitals "not working" for patients - as there have been some cases of people remaining mental due to the conditions of the hospitals. Thoughts? :DAnd yes this is the second time I have posted this, forgot to make it so that it was in the category of "psychology" ;)

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  1. photoprinting says:

    I can’t speak about ECT as I have never had that treatment but I have stayed in several Psych hospitals. As far as it “not working” that depends a lot on the patient and what they are there for and what kind of hospital it is. For example where I live if you are having a crisis an imediate event like you feel serious that you could harm yourself or others the police can detain you in a psych hospital for a 24 hour hold. This place isn’t designed for treatment in the long term only for usually administrating meds and getting you through the immediate crisis safely and then usually you are referred to a longer term hospital. there are hospitals that keep people for about a week or so to get a patient on a med regimine. And there are hospitals that have longer inpatient times to work more I depth with therapies and such to address the underling problems. And yes there still are long term hospitals but those are fewer by the day. The stereotype of a asylum where people are left to rot on their own and aren’t worked with to get better don’t really exist in westernized countries anymore.