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Could i get some help writing this essay on The Importance of Being Earnest?

I just need some facts and support to get me started.Here is the question:In The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde uses a play on words with reference to the word earnest. During the play two men use "Ernest.: Why did Wilde develop their characters and allow each to call himself "Ernest"? Is there any significance in the fact that the true Ernest didn't know that was his name?

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  1. atypical says:

    You could try reading it! [external link] …The clue to the answer to your questions is in the title!You have to remember that this was/is a Comedy! A lot of the plot was meant to be amusing, which is why the whole thing revolves around the name.

  2. mermithized says:

    “Is there any significance in the fact that the true Ernest didn’t know that was his name?” Of course, as is with all of Wilde’s writing. All wit and puns and irony.Some have implied that Wilde’s use of the name Ernest might possibly be an in-joke. John Gambril Nicholson in his poem “Of Boy’s Names” (Love in Earnest: Sonnets, Ballades, and Lyrics (1892)) contains the lines: ” Though Frank may ring like silver bell, And Cecil softer music claim, They cannot work the miracle, –’Tis Ernest sets my heart a-flame.” The poem was promoted by John Addington Symonds and Nicholson and Wilde contributed pieces to the same issue of The Chameleon magazine.[2]. Theo Aronson has suggested that the word “earnest” became a code-word for homosexual, as in: “Is he earnest?”, in the same way that “Is he so?” and “Is he musical?” were also employed. [3]