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Essay Help plz?

I need 4 facts on the habitat of Eagles and 4 facts on a Hawk's habitat

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    HabitatEagles are found throughout the world except on the continent of Antarctic. Eagles live in pairs. Each pair claims a territory around their nest and keep other eagles away. The territory is form 20 to 60 square miles.Nests are typically built in the top of the most dominant tree within an established territory. In some parts of Canada, Bald Eagles nest in more unusual locations, such as on large rock pinnacles and hydro-towers. Nests are typically 3-4 metres deep and more than two metres wide. Broley (1947) reports that the largest Bald Eagle nest was an amazing 20 ft (6.1m) deep and more than 9 ft (2.8m) wide.Eagles may remain in their breeding habitat year round if ample food resources are available and the waterbodies remain ice-free. However, most eagles will move in search of open water and favourable foraging habitats. They will utilize river valleys, tributaries, lakes, coastlines or any other open water habitat which may contain popular food items. Although these birds will feed gregariously, they often hunt and migrate independently.