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Help Please! Can u give me some topics i could use in this essay?10 pts best ANS?

The essay question is "why you qualify to be the CosmoGIRL of the year". I just need some hints and topics i should write about.Thanks a lot in advance.

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  1. metromalacosis says:

    Write about things you have done in your life that have made you successful, and how you strive to inspire and motivate others to seek out opportunities. Speak to how you have capitalized on opportunities in your own life, and used them as a building block to develop who you are.I feel like cosmogirl especially, is looking for people who are doing things outside of the box, not just achieving, but achieving in new and interesting ways and inspiring others through your actions. You know yourself best, so think of things that you feel you have excelled at it, and speak to those. -Paige

  2. nosnewS says:

    Well why do you think you are qualified to be the Cosmogirl of the year? Seriously, there’s your topic. If you want the title, you need to tell them why you deserve it. What makes you CosmoGirl material?

  3. Zaitha says:

    Talk about something adventurous and fun!like a personal experience or a trip you’ve gone on!

  4. medizer says:

    maybe you could talk about something adventurous you did in your life (bungee jumping, etc)or talk about a dream you would like to pursue (dancer, singer)or how you got over a rough time in your life and how it has made you a better person