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How can I start my essay?

I had to pick between three essay's for my final. The topics are all based on Percy Jackson and The Olypians The Lightning Thief. I picked the first one.;;Percy gets upset with his mother because she puts up with Smelly Gabe, yet he is proud of her because she is so kind and loving, and because she does have a little bit of a rebellious streak. Do you find Sally Jackson a strong character? Does she stand up for herself? Does she stand up for her son? Do you think she makes the right decision about Smelly Gabe in the end?How can I start my essay?

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  1. noncapillary says:

    i picked percy jackson and the olympians becuase i really thought it was interesting and i could write alot on the topic so here are my views on this topic thats a good start

  2. gelada says:

    Percy Jackson has mixed feelings for his mother. He believes she’s so nice and kind, but mad that she does what “Smelly Gabe” tells her.

  3. brachiosaurus says:

    1st paragraph-Start with an introduction…You can open your introduction with a connotative definition or a denotative definition. After that write a short summary about it, then say something if that book is any good or not.2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph, and 4th paragraph-give 1 adjective about Percy and write something why you think about him that way (do that in each paragraph)5th paragraph-restate thesis (your thesis is the part in your 1st paragraph when you say something if the movie or book is any good or not). Then summarize your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraph. After that tell your reader what to do (recommendation) ex. I advice you to read blah blah…I’m sorry if it’s a little bit confusing.. hope that this will help you because this helped me a lot.