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How do they make marijuana?

Making a essay for marijuana. Just wondering.... And give me some reasons why they are bad , please? Thanks , doll face :)

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  1. uncelebrated says:

    LOL how old are you?They don’t “make” marijuana, it’s not a man-made drug. It’s grown, and the buds are picked and dried and smoked. It’s not a plural either, it is singular.I can’t think of any reasons that marijuana is bad, that I personally believe in, as I smoke it, but kids go to school high, get arrested and such. It’s not good to inhale any kind of smoke into your lungs.And people drive high.. Oh, and you get the munchies real bad and eat alot of food.** might I add, the person under me said it causes hallucinations, but unless you’re smoking something that has been mixed with another drug, it is highly unlikely to cause hallucinations….

  2. Menyanthaceae says:

    marijuana isn’t bad.it’s less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol.the only thing that’s bad about it is that it’s illegal.

  3. kurdish says:

    marijuana is a plant just like neotherits dried before its smoked or eatenand its bad because it causes hallucinations and whatever