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How to write an essay on being bullied?

im writing a personal reflective essay on being bullied 2 years ago for english its the year of our exams (S4) i need to know what kinda things to write like how was it u know that kinda thingjust a little format to followthanks anyone who answers :)i struggled with bulimia, anorexia body issues and self harmi also have Aspergers syndrome but i didnt know at the time because i wasnt diagnosed so i dont think it comes into this essaYanyway thanks for your answers :)!

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  1. vmnmdsc says:

    I think it is important to mention the Aspergers. Just because you weren’t aware of your diagnosis at the time, doesn’t mean it didn’t cause you to act/portray yourself in certain ways that possibly made you susceptible to more bullying. I think the fact you went through a long period of time without being aware, makes it even more important to mention. There were probably many times in your life (I know there were in mine anyway) where you’d notice a “strangeness” that was unique to you, and you had no obvious explanation for. This can really affect your confidence and self-image (“There’s something “wrong” with me, but what?”) and may have even contributed to your eating disorders and self-injury. Personally, I’d put a twist in it, and also reflect on how you were your own biggest bully as well. A dramatic way to begin the essay, which would immediately engage the reader, would be something like “Bullying. Every generation, every man, woman, and child is familiar with the process. Person stands out, person is subsequently punished for this deviation from “the norm”. It is a fairly straightforward process which, unfortunately, many people across the world and the span of time must endure; But what happens when it goes beyond this? What happens when the bullying not only continues, but is at its worst when that person is alone? How is it to live in a life when you are your own biggest bully?”Then begin the next paragraph by going back in time. “Since I began school, I was subjected to…” or whatever time period the bullying began. Give a run-through of how you knew you didn’t quite fit in/couldn’t adapt socially, but on top of that you had to endure (maybe daily) others pointing it out and exploiting it.You main goal is to engage the readers in the essay and try to portray to them the suffering, alienation, etc of what it is like to be bullied, with heavy emphasis on bullying yourself (through the EDs and self-harm). If you don’t want to have that “self-bullying” theme, then don’t mention it in the beginning of your essay.Will you have an opinion on it? Are you trying to get across the message “stop bullying”? If you are, you will want to add it in the first paragraph so it can be your thesis, and you will want to summarize that thesis at the end of your essay (also everything throughout must in some way back-up/reiterate that thesis).However, since it is a personal, reflective essay, you don’t necessarily need to include a message like this.Try to write about your personal feelings, both how you felt at the time, and how you feel now in hindsight when reflecting upon these things, on some of the following:-How did you feel waking up on the morning after a day of really bad bullying, knowing you had to go back to school and be subjected to it all over again?-How did you cope with the bullying? Did you develop a certain routine/phrase you’d repeat to yourself/just go home and injure yourself?-What began first; the outside bullying, or your eating disorders and self-harm habits? How did one affect the other?-In hindsight, how do you feel knowing you made your life more difficult (although not by choice) by bullying yourself at home?-What would you do differently today?-What did you learn from your experiences?Perhaps at the climax of your essay you will want to tell the reader about the absolute worst it has ever been. If there was a time, for instance, where you maybe contemplated suicide, wanted to run away, starved yourself for really long, cut yourself really bad, etc. The first part of your essay can lead up to this “rock bottom” period. If you want it to end in an optimistic way, once you reach that “rock bottom” period, go in the direct opposite direction; Speak about how things slowly got better. If you don’t want an optimistic ending (not everyone’s life stories have a happy ending), then continue on with the bullying experiences, but maybe note how you’re every single day growing on the inside, learning to not dwell on the bullying, beginning to accept yourself, or whatever applies to you.Since it is supposed to be a personal, reflective piece, you may want to have some chronological order, but with heavy emphasis on an “emotional time-line” (so you may want to break up the various “periods” into, not only real-time, but also your own personal, emotional time-line).Best of luck. I’m sure it is going to be a very emotional piece when you’re done with it.

  2. tauntingness says:

    Write from the heart. show pain in your words. and im sure if you do that youll start to cry and thats what a good paper is. use a computer and write everything that comes to mind then when your done start coping and pasting sentences with the general idea being the same. then when your done with that if the paragraphs are to long split them up and try to make it smooth

  3. shunter says:

    Here’s a start:1. who, what, when, where, why, how.Every story beings with how it all started ,tell about that and then add in your struggles with the other stuff you mentioned, and how you came to find out that you have aspergers, then finish it off with how you deal with all those emotions what you do on a daily basics to deal with them.I’m sure you’ll do great! I find people’s struggles and then overcoming them always amazing stories.