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I have a book report due and I need some help, which of these books is the best?

Hey Yahoo Answers,I am a junior-year student and I have a reading journaland a ten-page reaction essay due at the end of this quarter on a book from a reading list. I have my own reading list and of all the books on the list, my English teacher approved three:Animal Farm - George OrwellOn The Road - Jack KerouacOne Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Ken KeseyI only have a rough idea of the plots of each novel, except for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest which I watched about two years ago, so I kind of already know the ending and what happens to McMurphy. I need to figure out which of the novels is the best to read and the most satisfying as well as a list of essay topics for each book.

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  1. castock says:

    Animal Farm is a great book that tells the story of the Russian Revolution with various real life people depicted as animals.On the Road is a story about the travels of a “wanderer” in the 50s Beatnik era and not the most exciting book by today’s standards. It has mostly to do with counterculture movement pre-hippies.Both of the above books are considered modern classicsAnd you know the later but you might not know that Kesey the author knew/met Jack Kerouac who wrote On The Road. Small world in the counterculture movement.

  2. diploidic says:

    It depends what the essay requires, but if real-world parallels will benefit you, “Animal Farm” is an easy one. Draw parallels to Cold-War era communism and even some of the socialist/anti-socialist conflicts going on right here in America today and you’ve got an easy paper. Just make sure you don’t insult the teacher with whatever you write. =p