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I have to write an essay on how to be a model child?

Any ideas? If you can give me some sarcastic things. This essay should involve some humor. Thanks. :)

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  1. erteraa says:

    (-: There’s a phrase in Japanese called “boxed-up daughter” which describes a girl who is overly protected by her family. They even say, “watch out for bugs that will nibble on your boxed-up daughter!” So, the phrase “model child” brings to mind a kid who is like a plastic model — kept carefully in a box, painted to perfection, and left on a shelf. I find this a very humorous concept — especially because it’s so sad! Kids shouldn’t be forced into plastic categories and made to be Model. Hope that helps.

  2. redbird says:

    To be a model child is not to be a child not all, It is to be mature person, therefore you are not considered a child.