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I really want a rabbit please help?

ok so im 13 almost 14 next month and i really want a pet rabbit. i know everything they need and have typed up a price list and an essay about them i also made a powerpoint. we have 2 chihuahuas and there both super sweet but one time a baby squirrel fell off a wall and one of them killed it and that's why my mom said no. i know most people prefer there rabbit to live inside but you can also keep them outside and i have a perfect place in my backyard that we don't use. its all grass kinda off to the side of the rest of my back yard and i told my mom we could buy a gate so the dogs wont be able to get in. i want to buy a FULLY grown rabbit from the pound and there's a video on the shelter website of a bunny i really want and my mom like died when she saw it she wants a rabbit its just the dog that weighs 6 POUNDS.so what can i do to prove to her that i will keep the rabbit safe from are dogp.s. i would also pay for all the rabbits costs

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  1. somatogenetic says:

    You’re rabbit hutch should be at least two to three feet off the ground so predators can’t get to it, and certainly not a little chihuahua! Also, give the rabbit a nest box to hide in if he feels scared of the dog. I think the rabbit will be fine; I have a huge Standard Poodle and three cats and all of them are scared of the rabbits lol. Just watch when letting the rabbit out to run to make sure you’re dog won’t get to him. It’s completely natural for the dog to kill the baby squirrel because it was very tiny and squeaked like one of their toys. A fully grown rabbit with sharp nails and teeth is an entirely different story. Good luck:)

  2. volleyingly says:

    The problem is depending on how that rabbit was raised it might be uncomfortable outside. And also when it’s cold you can’t keep your rabbit outside. Chihuahuas have a personality of their own, they sometimes think they are Rottweilers! Most likely if you monitor your dogs with the rabbit, they will get used to it. If you are in the room with the rabbit and the dogs they will understand that the rabbit is part of your family now and they learn to not attack the rabbit. But rabbits are very protective of themselves, they will fight back and they could also potentially hurt your dogs. Rabbits are a lot of work, I have one. They are loveable pets yet require a lot of attention. If you’re willing to take the time to take care of a rabbit, then go for it. You can always keep it in a room away from the dogs, you can buy an indoor fence and be sure to buy a roomy cage.