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Im applying to medical school……..do you think i can make it?

I am planning to become a pediatrician. Here is some info about my academics.*I am 22*3.63 GPA (Grade Point Average)*6 letters of recommendation*a passing score of 36/45 on MCAT(Medical College Admissions Test)*excellent Medical School essay*love children*graduated from Hunter College in NY with a bachlors of science*applied to NYU, Columbia, Mount Sinai, Cornell, Yeshiva and a few others.the best answer will get 10 points!

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  1. bandaging says:

    based on academic performance you have cleared over two BIG hurdles….depending on what your recommendations and extra curricular look like you should have a great chance at top tier schools… You certainly have 2 out of the five factors to get your name in the door and get an interview ( other factors are shadowing hours, volunteer, research and non medically related extracurricular). Ive vaguely heard of hunter but your stats are good and im not sure where ur state of residence is but you look stellar. Im not sure what your major was but if it was science than it makes you even better…medical schools want more than just a book worm

  2. unhesitating says:

    Yes you can.