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Is Lebanon a Good Muslim Country?

i need to know your views about Lebanon. The recent war attacks in Lebanon,were really threatening. but where does Lebanon stand ? Politically? economically? and nationally?and Is it a Real Islamic country? practicing Islam?Thank you all, give nice concise answers please. NO ESSAYS.

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  1. printmaker says:

    its not great but i do belive a minority of its people are good practicing muslims. there maybe muslims but soe of them arent that religious

  2. scribner says:

    in spite of Lebonan is a arab country but its difrence with them bcz it has a true islamic Gov and if now it can resist against zionism its bcz of power of islam.

  3. delivered says:

    Lebanon is a christian country dear

  4. ungushing says:

    Lebanon is a country of good people but they are having political problems. They’ve always had problems with Israel. They are having political disagreements within the country too.All I know is Lebanese girls are really really pretty. :)

  5. lermont says:

    Lebanon is a beautiful country, the country is becoming a bit more liberal. Their is many christian arabs living their as well as muslims. 35% are Christian, 29% Shiite Muslims, 29% Sunni Muslims and 5% Druze. So the majority are christians. All I know is that they produce the best arab singers ~! :D

  6. thrices says:

    sorry… it wasnt a very wise answer from me. i dont know about lebanese people.

  7. Cercidiphyllaceae says:

    yeah just like here in Tunisia :p Ps; it has the most number of diffrent religious groups in the whole area !They’re very good ppl, a little too open on the european nations, Lebanon and my country are known for that.So eventhough its an islamic country islam isnt very practiced that much, yet ppl fast ramadan and give sada9a, but not sure about praying and hijab…But oh well, they’re all ppl, just like we are, i know lots of christian lebanese and they are the nicest ppl ever!As far as for politics they are very free, womena have equal rights to men in all fields, economically, o have tourism is very common and they have a very known good fashion market and stuff like that, besides the usual bying and cellig things, as for nationally there has been like 3 wars with israel and a lot of death has happened, otherwise, they are good withevery other country,ah..yeah also lately there has been some tention with syria cos they think they want to take over the place and are giving the money for the religious groups inside to revolute..what else, aS i said there are so many religious groups and that is harming them as everyone wants to be in power and kill the rest.As far as for ppl, they are known to be very very friendly and welcoming :) PS; best singers ever, cutest ppl in the arab world :p

  8. uterectomy says:

    it is part muslem part christian.it is in not a very good political state economy is ok

  9. esotery says:

    haha..as an Arab I can not answer the question or FTL will curse me ROFL..well once he called my mother something and this something is the trade mark of Lebanon LOL

  10. canberra says:

    i can not know for sure..I’ve talked to many Lebanese brothers and sisters,and they vary from one to another..i remember talking to a beautiful sister here called ”Gebara” i was somehow surprised that she wore hijab since she was young,i told her that we stereotype Lebanese as not very strong Muslims,she told me it’s because of the media…the media only shows Lebanon as naked singers and parties full of drunk ppl..Lebanon as many Muslim countries are affected by war,and till this day.and of course it affected its strength in Islam,but there will always be practicing Muslims..i only talked about what i know…so i can not give u the whole picture..

  11. underbank says:

    What does this question have to do with the holiday Ramadan? I think it should be posted under “Society & Culture”

  12. quipo says:

    Well I never been to Lebanon but judging from the fact some of them do not wear a “Hijab” I would say 50/50. I like the way Saudi Arabia is, its has Government law which everyone on Azann should stop their work and pray. I would love to live there. My answer is 50/50. I have some freinds who are from Lebanon.Saudi Arabia the most religious country I have ever seen. Iran is over religious.

  13. endosmosic says:

    There isn’t any such thing as a “good muslim country”. Ther isn’t any such thing as a good muslim. That is an oxymoron, like christianity, you have to admit you are worthless to be one.

  14. varCode says:

    Where does Lebanon stand on what? What make a real Islamic country. I am sorry the questions you asked have absolutely no substance.

  15. preindependently says:

    What do you mean a ”Good Muslim Country”, what’s the scale? Lebanon is a beautiful country- a democratic country, where there is a separation between religion and state, so if by ‘practicing Islam’ you mean the crazy Saudi Arabia type laws then no.

  16. angiokeratoma says:

    i can only say… Lolzz… now this is what we call a Coincidence.;) Report Abuse

  17. relapsed says:

    Lebanon isn’t Muslim Country! http://www.Leb-Media.com

  18. caretto says:

    It is but there’s some Christians there too. Politically it’s not good, economically, it’s dropped, and nationally, that all depends. It is a Islamic country, not all of them pratice Islam.

  19. haufler says:

    Lebanon is very diverse country. There are practising muslims both shia and sunni, non paractising secular minded muslims and a lot of Christians too. Minorities like druze and large numbers of refugee Palestinians are present as well.I think lebanon is ok. However,and im going off topic, i think you should realize you cant impose a Saudi Arab/Taliban style system except by force. Since the system is so rigid and intolerant that people wont normally accept it. and they will shake it off eventually. Saudi Arabian/Taliban like governments make islam unpopular in the long run.

  20. Bananalander says:

    The Arabs go to Lebnon to enjoy their vacations. It is a tourist spot. So everything is legal there. It is not an Islamic country but a Muslim majority country where one is free to practice Islam or live the way you want. In general Muslims are aware of their religion than before. This is the case of the surrounding countries as Syria, Egypt and so on. Just fir Egypt In 1986, there was one mosque for every 6,031 Egyptians, according to government statistics. By 2005, there was one mosque for every 745 people — and the population has nearly doubled. So Islam is spreading amoung population though there are no fully Islamic rulings.

  21. unreasonability says:

    people of LEBANON are not allow to me to discuss about themit depends upon the i have not enough power to disputes othersbut i have power to appretiate to others