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Novel – Of mice and men Essay help?

My essay topic is... ‘John Steinbeck’s novel "Of mice and men" is really about two basic human needs – the need to dream and the need for a friend. "How valid is this statement"?What are some examples I should include?

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    The need to dream: i.e. George, Lenny and Curly’s dream of a cottage somewhere, the vegetable garden, the rabbits, etc. Although this dream was unattainable and they realised it was probably never going to happen, they kept thinking about it and discussing it because it offered hope and a vision for a better life in the future.The need for a friend: This is a more difficult argument to discuss because George and Lenny’s friendship seemed one-sided. George could have survived without Lenny (but not vice versa) yet he stayed with him, out of sense of duty, responsibility and attachment. Lenny was reliant on George for guidance and protection.