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Should Canada/USA be in Darfur?!?!?

I have to write an essay on if Canada (or North America) should be involved with Darfur? What are the positives of us getting involved with the genocide in Darfur?Thanks so much!=]

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  1. forest says:

    The international community is turning a blind eye to Darfur, which is apalling. China has supported Sudan’s government, which is wrong.

  2. tmarcia says:

    China will look after Darfur.

  3. xerocline says:

    Just why should Western countries keep coming tot the aid of African countries,, is it not about time they took some responsibility for there own people?

  4. rescuers says:

    NO – PLEASE.The US is involved in two wars that we can’t afford or win and you want us in Darfur. No way. These are not really wars, but world policing actions and it doesn’t work..There are no positives on this one.Maybe you could ask Mexico to take that one on..