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Should I use Sparknotes?

I read Fahrenheit 451 in about a year ago. Now, for summer reading, we have to read it again. Do you think that I should re-read the book, or just use Sparknotes? We may have to take tests, do essays, etc. I have a week to read it, so if you DO suggest that I read it again, it shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. avichi says:

    Re-read.A lot of teachers know about Sparknotes and make sure that test questions can not just be answered by reading Sparknotes. They will ask you stuff that is not mentioned in the Sparknotes … just to be on the safe said I would suggest re-reading. Good Luck!

  2. cornstalk says:

    Ugh, I really don’t like that book, but I agree alot of teachers know about it. But there is no harm with skimming through it, and maybe it might jog your memory.

  3. goyle says:

    If you picked it up a year ago for pleasure, why not reread? You may understand new things, and see the story from a different perspective. Most teachers know about Sparknotes, and make sure not to ask questions that Sparknotes can answer. So play it safe, and reread the book :)

  4. efoliolate says:

    It’s a great book, and I think reading it again would only help you appreciate it more. That said, though, Sparknotes really aren’t a bad resource if you’re looking to understand it a little deeper, or just for a quick refresher.