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What are good songs to be compare? I like Man in the mirror and I don’t want to miss a thing… please help?

I have a comparison essay to do... one of my topics is two songs.... so which other songs can i compare any of this two i mention those are my favorite please help me thanks

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  1. japhlet says:

    NWA straight outta compton

  2. alpert says:

    depends how your comparing the songs. lyrically or musically. for me i’d be comparing other songs like maybe slipknot – pulse of the maggots and FFDP(five finger death punch) dying breedbut for the style you’ve given (Michael Jackson (MJ) and aerosmith)…. MJ – man in the mirror and Alterbridge – before tomorrow comesboth similar meanings but very different genres and different ways of expressing it etcbut as with all music its very personal and up to you entirelyhope i helped

  3. cryptodouble says:

    what about ”heal the world’ and ‘we are the world’ ? :) excuse me, can you enter please? :) —–> [external link] ;…