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What are some good titles?

I need a title for an essay about a guy who thinks he is a werewolf but really isn't?

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  1. Shinwari says:

    to be or not to be, when the moon comes up, when midnight struck those are a few i would use

  2. piratelike says:

    The Demon WithinThe Werewolf That Never Was

  3. ectoplastic says:

    The Boy Who Cried– “Wolf?”Or..”The Boy Who Cried Woof.” (lol)

  4. allelisms says:

    I wasn’t a teenage Werewolf.Werewolf Wannabe.Clinical LycanthropyUnlikely LycanLycan Or Not?Nowherewolf as in no where, not now here

  5. EasyWin says:

    if i was a werewolf