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What are some solutions to child abuse?

I'm doing a report on child abuse & one of the things needed in the essay is: what are some solutions for child abuse. Any solutions? thanks you guys =]

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  1. indocible says:

    Reversible sterilization of all people until they can prove they will be good parents, and get a license to try to have a child.Sadly, that will never happen. So, the next best solution is to do what we can to discourage teenage pregnancy, to support women’s clinics that provide basic health services (most specifically, reproductive and prenatal care), to support shelters and services for victims of domestic violence, and to uphold harsh punishments for those who abuse children. The biggest factor in child abuse is children being born to people who are not prepared to be parents — perhaps because they had a child too young, or weren’t in a good financial position, or are in a toxic relationship and feel like they have no way out. Generally speaking, children do best being raised by parents who are educated, well-employed, married, are older (25+), and who planned to have a family intentionally. Almost HALF of all pregnancies in this country are unplanned, and single parenthood (which is usually unintentional) is a true epidemic, particularly among the lowest socioeconomic echelons… poverty and unplanned parenthood is the perfect recipe for child abuse, especially when coupled with a disinterested father (or mother), and lack of family support. Mental illness also plays a role, and poverty, unemployment, and single parenthood are all factors known to be associated with depression and other mental illnesses.

  2. Latooka says:

    Parenting classes. Patience, support system, Mother/father together.. the list is endless..

  3. parablepsy says:

    1. The government steps in and takes custody of the children from the parents.2. Criminal sanctions enforced regularly for assault against a dependent minor.3. Decrease income disparity and “ghettoization” of your population.4. Educate your population better (centralize public education financing).5. Increase access to spousal support in family law disputes.6. Increase funding for second-stage women’s shelters, and provide access to public funding for these kinds of programs.7. Subsidize children’s help organizations, and ensure that support is available through the public education system.