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What is a good title for an essay on women in the Qur’an?

I am supporting that the Qur'an gives women rights. I need a clever, good, whatever title, thats not "women in the Qur'an"

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  1. apocryphalness says:

    Try taking an interesting word or phrase from one of the text sources you are citing in your paper, perhaps from a verse from the Qur’an itself. I’ll give you a few examples, but as I don’t have the Qur’an in front of me I can’t be sure they are accurate (if you choose to use any, you’ll want to double-check on it).- Lovely as Rubies, Beautiful as Coral. (Sura 56:23)- Fear God and Respect Women (Sura)- Two, Three, Four (Sura)It would be helpful if you said what your thesis is… Are you taking the stance that the Qur’an is unfair toward women? If you are merely compiling facts, what facts do you focus on in the paper? I hope this helps you brainstorm ideas!