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What makes organic vegetables healthier than regular vegetables?

I have to do this essay for school about healthy foods that should be added to a schools cafeteria menu. I need three elaborations on why they should add organic vegetables and i only have two. I already have that they are not sprayed with pesticides and that they slightly prevent getting cancer from chemicals. I only need one more. It'd be a big help if you could give me another! thanks!

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    Well, there are actually two parts to the pesticide thing. Pesticide-free means that the consumer doesn’t have to eat the pesticides, but it also means that the field workers (many of which work for almost nothing in countries like Mexico) don’t have to damage their health by working in toxic chemicals.As a sidenote, chemicals and pesticides that are too toxic to pass American safety regulations are sent to Mexico where they are used on the farms down there.

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    It all starts with rich, healthy soil full of worms and a happy place for all kinds of good insects. When soil is naturally rich and contains copious amounts of the nutrients a plant needs, it produces a strong plant that doesn’t need to be sprayed with pesticides. The plant can defend itself better against intruders. Now, this healthy plant also creates fruit and vegetables that are richer in vitamins and minerals, much much richer. When we consume vegetables and fruit with higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our bodies, in turn can defend themselves against intruders better–be it cancer, common colds, viruses etc. Like everything in nature, one step builds on another. Things should be in harmony and balanced.