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What would a better plan have been for reconstruction after the civil war?

I had a history group essay tomorrow where we are problem solving about what we should have done during Reconstruction after the civil war. We have to come up with a new plan that would have worked. Does anyone have any pointers on this?

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  1. steamed says:

    Have put the power back in the hands of the local governments. By putting the south under military control and not allowing fair elections by putting in northern politicians, there was a lot of bad feelings for a long time between the two groups until the end of reconstruction

  2. minikinly says:

    Lincoln and the North actually handled the situation very good. They allowed the South to enter back into the union without any major penalties which was the best plan. Of course their were people who wanted the south to pay for going against the US but if they had been punished then we would not be like we are today where there isn’t a north VS south mindframe.