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When faced with questions you can’t answer,do you admit it,or change the subject and lie about scientists?

...and hope nobody calls you on it?Posted a few minutes ago:"Did you know that on Darwin's death bed he said right before he died that he never denied the exiest of God. Hmm the father of evloution having second thoughts."The whole thing was a lie started by a christian, and perpetuated by other christians. I realize you didn't know that and were just repeated what you were told without thinking of questioning it, just like you believe your entire religion without questioning it. Nevertheless, it's false, even in the original version, let alone the muddled one posted here: [external link] … [external link] …

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  1. battlements says:

    Well I do one of two things :) The first thing I do if I know or am unsure of the correct answer I firstly openly admit to it. Then I do a search (sometimes on wikipedia) to try and find out information about it and then I copy and paste a link to the site so the person who asked the question can check it for themselves. I’d be the first to admit that I mightn’t be correct about something but I ALWAYS give an alternative if I feel that way :) The second thing I do is simply not answer the question. If I think it’s way too deep or I’m completely out of my depth I just leave it alone. If someone for example has a question about conflict with a friend or a family member who I think is very personal I would leave it alone cause at the end of the day I could risk saying the wrong thing in the wrong situation and could end up doing more damage than good.Anyway, I hope this helps and I wish you the very best of luck :)

  2. nagenthi says:

    Speaking of Darwin, did you ever hear the one about Darwin, Jesus, and the time machine? No? I’m not gonna go into it, but let’s just say Darwin proved Jesus wrong in the “back end”, if ya know what I mean, *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*. (funny as a white room, I know.)

  3. reprotection says:

    Wasn’t Darwin actually an agnostic Christian? I didn’t think he did deny the existence of God… Could be wrong, and I suppose it doesn’t matter if he did or not, the point said answerer was trying to make is still dumb. Who cares if Darwin converted to rabid frothing mouth snake charming speaking in tongues pentecostalism on his death bed. Doesn’t change the facts about biology does it?

  4. wimpy says:

    What’s really hilarious is that the nimrods who post crap like that don’t realize that even if it were true, it would affect the truth of evolution not one jot. Also, I wonder what an “exiest” is? LOL!

  5. punitory says:

    I usually state that I don’t know.After I went to the websites you gave I wonder why christians have to lie so much if they are really sure there is a god?

  6. walsall says:

    It would be an appeal to authority fallacy even if it were true.I have no issue with saying “I don’t know”.

  7. grabill says:

    I like to make up lies. It’s like a creative writing exercise, and you don’t have to kill trees to do it!

  8. ncp-lan says:

    edit: many doLying is a sin yet it’s Ok when you lie for Jesus/God etcplus many bigots and fundies accept lies as truth and truth (facts and science) as liesI do look for answers when I don’t know them but I also check for bias – many bigoted Christians for example will accept fundie Christians lies as factual as confirms their bias

  9. transreal says:

    If I get asked a question I don’t know the answer to I say “I don’t know the answer to that question but I’d be happy to look it up and try to find the answer for you.” Admitting you don’t know something is not a weakness, it’s when you let your pride and ego get in the way of honesty is when you are a weak person.

  10. militate says:

    lets not talk about this. id rather talk about how geologists sneak onto my balcony and mess with bicycle at night. wtf up with that?!? thats clearly why i gotta go put some more work into the damn thing today. …i’ll bet the archeologists are in on it too.

  11. operatrix says:

    I admit “i dont know”.Thats humanity’s greatest flaw, we always seek an answer to every question, and if their is no answer we would rather make one up than admit doubt.

  12. acantholysis says:

    One answer of a Muslim to Nietzche’s statement “God is dead” was He died mad. My answer to such an answer is even if He later accepted God exists it does not make a difference if God really does not exist. Similarly Darwin is a person. Darwinism is a theory which has a lot of evidence to prove it. .