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Why was Gough Whitlam’s decision to continue governing without supply bills bad for australia’s economy?

the supply bills (money for the government) were being blocked by the senate.i really need this answered! i need to put some of this information in an essay about the whitlam government and i couldn't think of any reasons. thanks!

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  1. unmixedly says:

    Whitlam knew that his left wing policies were unpopular and he would loose at a general election. Therefore he tried to hang on to power in anticipation that the opposition will give up the demands for a new election. As a result he bankrupted the country. The opposition had no other choice but to force a double dissolution and new elections. Whitlam lost miserably.PS: Just give a few more months to Kevin 07 and he will do the same.

  2. Telembi says:

    Whitlam knew that if he went to the polls as Fraser wanted, he would loose. Instead he chose to oppose the oppositions tactics and fight them on the basis of the “good of the country” and on their legitimacy, hoping the opposition would give in before he had too.