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Why was Gough Whitlam’s decision to continue governing without supply bills bad for australia’s economy?

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the supply bills (money for the government) were being blocked by the senate.i really need this answered! i need to put some of this information in an essay about the whitlam government and i couldn’t think of any reasons. thanks!

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How did WW2 effect Australia’s foreign policy?

I have an assignment, I know most of the imporant stuff…like-Aus changed our major alliance from Britain to USA-The White Aus Policy thing….after the war Aus lets other nationalities into the country.-Economy boosted because Aus’s population had grown-Aus made Immigrants help make Aus a better placeAnything else I could put in my essay?Thanks a bunch.

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“the gallipoli campaign is an important symbol of australia’s national idenity” discuss.?

hi everyone!we have to write a argumentative essay in our humanities class. everyone in my class is going for the topic but i want to be different! i want ot go against. (not that i think the gallipoli campaign isnt important, just something different) can anyone please give some reasonable supportive arguements please! greatly appreciated! […]

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