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Similarities of domestic and wild cats?

No, I am not referring to feral cats. I mean wildcats like lions, cougars and such. Im trying to write an essay on it and it seems like no websites have what im looking for so I am resorting to yahoo answers. If anyone can help it would be awsome!(:

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Contest! Where to find information about the role of cats in Ancient Egyptian society?

I’m doing a research paper for my highschool English class. I chose the topic of the role of cats in Egyptian society. After resourcing and surfing the net and visiting the library, I still have not found any useful and/or reputable information for my report. So, I’m calling all bored people and recruiting mercenaries.I need […]

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How to approach aggressive cats?

i am doing an essay on handling aggressive cats for college and i was wondering if you had any advice on how to approach aggressive cats when carrying out veterinary attention eg. the handling techniques and what equipment should be used?

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Is this a good concluding paragraph for an essay the topic is dogs are better than cats?

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I strongly believe that dogs are much better than cats. Dogs have human characteristics, they are brave, they are loyal, they can be of magnificent service and they can help you beome more social. I beg you to take a trip to your local animal shelter and make a dog a part of your life. […]

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