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I understand concepts yet I still earn mediocre grades in essay writing?

a little help please; in a lot of theoretical classes i’ve earned at least a B or a B+… but I’m having trouble in just English Compositionthe teacher says I need to brush up on grammar but that’s an issue because no teacher has told me that in my history of education; therefore we never […]

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I have to write an essay on democratization in Egypt. Any big concepts I need to hit?

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that never existed in their history….

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Im a first year college nursing student and we had an assignment about concepts of nursing?

its either on essay type or drawing (preferably pics from the web)any help…just write me a paragraph about your concepts of nursing..

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Scientific Concepts and design for a proper lunar landing?

Ok so I have to write a 100 word essay in science class about Scientific Concepts and design for a proper lunar landing, but I don’t know where to get the information and need help! Any information you might have will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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