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Essay Reviews, I need essay! I am desperate!?

I am in a process of becoming a teacher, but I am required to turn in a paper based on student essays. I have to evaluate student essays as a teacher. I need at least 5 good essays to evaluate. Can you please send me your essays? They can be on whatever topic you want!Thank […]

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O.o A desperate senior needs your help!?

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Can someone help me revise this and come up with a good creative title ? thank you =] I want to become a traveling journalist. As a journalist I will be able to combine my three loves: culture, food and writing. I will be able to eat different cuisine, learn about dances and customs and […]

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US. History Essay Help. It’s Desperate Now- 10 points!?

This is the last thing on my exam and it’s an essay. I am absolutley hopeless with essays….I feel some what ashamed of saying this but, could someone help me write it?It’s about the American Colonization Society and the American Antislavery Society. I have to discuss what was the same and what was different in […]

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I’m in desperate need of help with the MLA writing format!?

Ok, so I have to write this essay using MLA format. I have a few questions to ask:1. How do you make the margins 1 inch on all the sides?2. The header – on the first page, i know you have to double space it, and have my name, the instructors name, the course, and […]

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