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I understand concepts yet I still earn mediocre grades in essay writing?

a little help please; in a lot of theoretical classes i’ve earned at least a B or a B+… but I’m having trouble in just English Compositionthe teacher says I need to brush up on grammar but that’s an issue because no teacher has told me that in my history of education; therefore we never […]

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Faithfulness: do we earn it, do we demand it do we deserve it? Please, write a little essay if you can.?

faithfullness isn’t something we can get by demanding it, it’s something we deserve if we married, stuck by that person, never cheated, and loved them. but it’s something we don’t always get from a relationship. if we must demand it it isn’t worth having, it must be given without conditions, faithfullness is a choice, even […]

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How i could earn high score from interview?

I am trying pass to university faculty of business administration, i have good scores from math and toefl. But my first interview was very bad, and i am trying the second time(16 jule). What should i do?(interview questions asked from essay where pointed why i had taken ba and etc.)

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How can I use my writing skills to earn extra cash on the side?

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I have a bachelor’s degree and a full-time job, I’m just curious about some ways I can use my talent and make a few dollars in my free time. I know I can edit essays/term papers for students, but I’m looking for more creative, “outside the box” ideas… got any?

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Do salaried photographers earn more than self-employed photographers ?

Im doin an essay on photographers. I researched already what their salaries are but i cant seem to find anthing. So please help mee ! f yuu answer could yuu please tell me your source. Thank yuu ! =)

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