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Compare and contrast Iranian and Egyptian revolutions?

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I have to finish this prompt for school: Gamal Abdul-Nasser and Ayatollah Khomeini both played significant roles in the history of the twentieth-century Middle East. The revolutions in Egypt and Iran had different contexts, yet the two also shared a number of commonalities. Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the Egyptian and […]

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Contest! Where to find information about the role of cats in Ancient Egyptian society?

I’m doing a research paper for my highschool English class. I chose the topic of the role of cats in Egyptian society. After resourcing and surfing the net and visiting the library, I still have not found any useful and/or reputable information for my report. So, I’m calling all bored people and recruiting mercenaries.I need […]

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Ancient Egyptian written laws/rules?

AGH! I’m writing an essay answering the following question;”To What Extent Can Ancient Egypt be Considered a Civilisation?”basically we can take these evidence sheets into the exam, and I am really desperate for something that proves that they had written rules or laws and that they had a government or leader (but that’s easy ’cause […]

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