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I am writing a persuasive essay/speech on the topic “We rely on tech too much” HELP! emergency!?

anyone have any strong point suggestion or any persuasive essay/ speech stucture or examples? thank you!

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Controversial essay/speech ideas?

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We need to write a 1000 word speech essay thing for English and I wanted to make mine really controversial. Not on abortion or anything like that, something really unique that will shock them. Either that, or I wanted to write something from the view of a Hogwarts student. Harry Potter is like, one of […]

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How does my Freshman VP essay/speech sound?

Hello, my name is Marlena and I’m interested in running for Vice President of the Freshman class because I would like to get involved in the school and there is no better way to be involved than to have input on important issues facing out students. Because I have no prior experience in student council, […]

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