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How to write an essay on children do not have imagination because they do not read books?

Compare and contrast the types and subjects of play of children in the fifties and now, highlight now television, video game playing and social media now dominate all forms of entertainment.

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How can I improve my imagination?

I struggle with writing essays. My english teacher says I need to improve my imagination and vocabulary by reading. I HATE reading. I used to love it but Im too busy anyway. Is there any other way to improve my imagination? =)

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Need ideas of an issues to write about on Sociological Imagination…. please help!?

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I have an essay due and I don’t really know what to write about. I need a topic that is a social issue and how I can change it? Thank you!

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Essay or story of imagination on the topic “the end of the world and world war 3″.?

This should make the people aware of protecting the world.

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