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Does anyone have tips on improving sentence fluency?

I am a high school student that is most likely going to have a career in English, hopefully an Editor or a Writer. After reading through a few of my past essays, I feel that my sentences are pretty good, but could still be improved upon. When I read them out loud, they don’t really […]

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Primary sources about Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt attempting plans for improving economic conditions?

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Basically, We have this type of essay called a DBQ(Document-Based Question) where you are given a topic and 8-10 documents about that topic that come specifically from that time period and you are asked to use those Documents and any outside information you know to help prove your point. For example, let’s say it was […]

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Can someone please proofread my essay to look for grammer errors and tips on improving it?

I have this 60pt essay due tomorrow and my teacher is highly strict when grading essays. Please, I beg if you anyone knows how to proofread essays well, please give me your email so I can email it to you to look at. I don’t want to fail this essay since it factors a big […]

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Help! I need to write an essay of obamacare not improving in america?

I already research alot but I swear I don’t understand nothing of whats happening, Does someone who knows here can help me! it needs to be turn in tomorrow! I need topics and why it would not improve, if you help me I would appreciate. I know it should’ve been done earlier.. thanks!

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