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Do Senator Paul’s conflicting positions on taxes and malpractice reveal a hypocrit?

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Ron Paul has said in his essays that he will be end the federal income tax and abolish the IRS, while he also favors abolishing medical malpractice insurance to be replaced by insurance of “negative outcomes” paid for by patients who will get–and here’s the stunning contradition–a TAX CREDIT!First off, the person who does the […]

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I have to right a essay about malpractice in the medical field. can anybody give me a good thesis to startwith?

Maybe start with statistics of the area you live in or the entire U.S. if that is where you live? Try this website for that…………. [external link] Maybe go with the types of medical malpractice suits that are most commonly filed and what ones are filed that really shouldn’t be?Just some thoughts. Good luck writing […]

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