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Does anyone know what the APUSH essay topic will be this year? Sometimes teachers can predict..?

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Last year my teachers figured it out.. this year they thought it would be about the 1920s but the college board released a practice exam about the 1920s recently so the chances of that being it are very slim. I guess they cycle through topics or something. Idk.If anyone has any guesses id love to […]

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Can you predict my SAT score?

So…I didn’t feel TOO good about my first SAT…scores come out in a few days. I’m freaking out.Math, I zoned out so much, and skipped around 9…haha. I’ll assume I missed 2. Reading, I missed 5-7.Writing, I missed 0-5. My essay was horrible. I was hoping for a scholarly topic…but it was about reality TV…haha. […]

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