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Anyone know anything about livestock production! Help please- details needed on cattle production and pig, uk?

I need to include in my essay, puropose of productionHousing systemFeeding systemHealth & Welfareadvantages disadvantagesanyways if you could give me any info or good webbies Id b eternally greatfull.Also anyone know how many cows per acre ur allowed?

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What conclusions can you draw about the relationship between light wavelengths and oxygen production? please!?

Im in biology and Im terribly confused, can you please answer this to start off my essay?It doesn’t even have to be long

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Explain how Henry Ford’s mass production of the automobile in the 1920′s impacted american business & society?

im trying to write a couple paragraph essay to the answer for this for my history class.

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How does ppf (production possibility frontier) reflect the concept of scarcity?

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in essay form. no rude answers pls.just need it for my homework. thanks

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