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What are the Most important Qualifications for An American applying to Oxford (PPE specifically)?

How important are my AP exam scores? My SAT? My essay on the application? My submitted written work? My class grades? My final exam grades? Extracurriculars?Note: I am not asking about the Interview, I want to know what is necessary to allow me to get the interview, and have good standing going into the interview.

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Familiar with Arab Women Novelists, specifically Latifah al Zayyat?

I’m taking an Arab Women’s Studies class and I was wondering if someone could help me with information on the Egyptian author Latifa al Zayyat, famous for her books “The Open Door” and “The Search”. I need to write an essay on her life and impact on Arab femenism. Any information you can give me […]

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Could someone explain in vitro kinase essays, specifically Aurora kinases?

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I’m confused on the CBB panels of a regular assay. Any general help would be greatly appreciated.

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What languages does the Police (specifically Lancs) have translators for?

I need to know what languages the Lancashire Constabulary cater for. I know that they have translators, but what languages do these translators usually know? I need this information for an essay, and if i get it, I finally get that distinction that I’ve been working for, so any help is much appreciated.

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