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Examples of oxymoron in The Open Boat by Stephen Crane?

I’m writing an essay about Crane’s use of metaphor, imagery, and oxymoron in “The Open Boat”. I’m having a bit of trouble finding any oxymoron. If you could give me some examples, I’d really appreciate it!

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:o Stephen Hawking said he was christenized?

… If that’s a word?But anyways, I’m reading “Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays” by Stephen Hawking, and it says here he was saving up money for an electric train set when he was a child, and part of the text says, “….Amount of money that people had given me on special occasions […]

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Can someone PLEASE give me chapters summaries for Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town .. by stephen leacock !?

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im in a tight spot .. i need help quick so i can write an essay due monday

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